October 16, 2021


Caturday Art

Today I am sharing some past art of our beautiful angel sisters, Fiona and Giulietta. The original post was entitled, “The Eyes of Love.” (Fiona is in the front and Giulietta is in the back.)




The angels are joining Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. You can to the same by clicking on her badge.

Special Birthday Wishes

Today a very special lady is celebrating her birthday: Mom Sharon from Friends Furever. We all love her dearly and wish her the best day filled with lots of kitty love.

As our original star baker, Angel Mau, was Sharon’s son-in-law, I asked him to bake a special cake for her.



If you have the opportunity, please stop by Friends Furever and wish Sharon a happy birthday.

Thank You

Dad Tom and I and all the Kitties Blue want to thank each of you who left us a kind and caring comment on our post about Giulietta gaining her angel wings. I will begin replying to each comment personally tomorrow.

If you missed that post, the link to it is at the bottom of this one.

I made this puzzle of the special collage I did for Giulietta. I hope those of you who enjoy working the jigsaw puzzles will enjoy it.

preview144pieceRemembering Giulietta 2010 – 2021

Sunday Selfies Reminder

Our little whippersnapper, Sawyer, will be here tomorrow to host our weekly Sunday Selfies blog hop. He asked me to invite you to join him by sharing your selfie with us and all your friends. Hope to see you tomorrow.