by Janet Blue on September 17, 2022

Caturday Birthday Art

Today Misty May and Angel Mau celebrate their 18th birthday. My wish for today would be that Mau was still with us to celebrate. He was a wonderful cat with a warm and generous heart. I think about and miss him everyday.


birthday celebration comment-a-thon with kitten and adult photos of two tuxie cats


Their birthday card includes two of the very earliest photos taken shortly after we adopted Misty may and Mau in November of 2004. As youngsters they were bonded but grew apart as years passed. Mauricio was the nurturer, but he lavished his attention on others of the Kitties Blue and not his sister.

Though Misty May has been deaf for a few years and suffers from thyroid disease, she just keeps going like that Energizer bunny. She prefers to spend her days on the front porch and her nights on my pillow. She occasionally decides to spend an afternoon on one of our neighbor’s porches but is always home in plenty of time for meals.

I recently learned that male cats have shorter lifespans (up to two to three years less) than female cats, so that may be the reason Misty May is still with us and Mau isn’t. He received his angel wings on July 17, 2020.

Party Time

Cooper Murphy created an exceptionally cute cake. And we have some raspberry and nip-garnished, pink champagne to accompany it. Please help yourselves.


birthday celebration comment-a-thon cake with 5 difference shade of pink frosting and a tuxie cat on top.


birthday celebration comment-a-thon: glasses of pink champagne with mint and raspberries

Misty May and Angel Mau will be participating in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. You can do the same by clicking on her badge.


In honor of Misty May and Angel Mau, Kitties Blue and I are having a comment-a-thon. I will donate $1 for every comment (one per person, please) made on this post through midnight Thursday. One commenter, selected through Random.org, will have the opportunity to select the pet rescue or charity to receive the donation. So please feel free to invite all your friends to join the party and comment.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

It is time again for selfies. And miracle of miracles, I know who your host will be. And she’s already snapped her photo. But that’s as much of a hint as you’ll get. You will need to join us again tomorrow to find out which of the girls it is.

Thanks for joining us for today’s celebration. Have a purrfect day.

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myinnerhustle January 30, 2023 at 8:58 am

I love this celebration style. Thank you for sharing your experience.
myinnerhustle recently posted…828 Angel Number – A Comprehensive GuideMy Profile


messymimi September 20, 2022 at 9:54 pm

I wish many happy returns of the day to Misty May, and a wonderful birthday at the Bridge to Angel Mau!


Susan from Bucks County Pennsylvania September 19, 2022 at 4:33 pm

Happy Birthday sweet Misty May and Angel Mau. Thank you for the refreshments!


Athena and Marie September 19, 2022 at 11:36 am

Happy Birthday!
Athena and Marie recently posted…Colourful Caturday ArtMy Profile


VickyC September 19, 2022 at 9:53 am

Wishing the very best birthdays to Misty May and Angel Mau


Summer September 19, 2022 at 2:31 am

Yay, I’m still in time for the commenthon! Happy birthday!
Summer recently posted…My Cat Show Day in Ontario (California)My Profile


Lone Star Cats September 18, 2022 at 10:41 pm

Happy birthday!
Lone Star Cats recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Kitty Cat Chronicles September 18, 2022 at 7:12 pm

Happy Birthday, Misty May and Angel Mau! We hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend celebrating. Sending all our love and thinking of you in this bittersweet day.
Sampy sends Astrid 4636289272 kisses.


The J-Cats September 18, 2022 at 9:51 am

Happy Birthday, Misty May and Angel Mau.
The J-Cats recently posted…Intruder Update and Guest Selfie: Caturday Art and Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


Lucy and Xena September 18, 2022 at 8:39 am

What a blessing to have a beloved four legged friend with you for 18 years. We hope each one of those 18 years have been happy for you Misty May, and you have many more. (Happy birthday in heaven, precious Angel Mau.) XOX Xena, Lucy, Chia and Riley


Fur Everywhere September 18, 2022 at 3:46 am

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays, Misty May and Angel Mau Mau!! Misty May, you are now old enough to vote! <3 We hope you have the purrfect day.

Males having a shorter lifespan is interesting. Lita was 15 and Jewel was 16 when they went to Rainbow Bridge. Carmine will be 18 in another five months. I guess he beats the odds. 🙂

Sending purrs and love,
Carmine, Tylan, and Mom Sierra
Fur Everywhere recently posted…Animal Pain Awareness Month: Nine Signs Your Cat is in PainMy Profile


Marjorie Dawson September 18, 2022 at 3:36 am

Happy Birthday you two!!!


Colleen September 18, 2022 at 12:56 am

Happy Birthday handsome Angel Mau and beautiful Misty May! Love to you both!


Marvelous Marv September 18, 2022 at 12:05 am

Wowwzers! Misty Mae is 18!?!? She is still a gorgeous grrl cat! Happy Birthday Misty May and Angel Mau! Now we shall ALL Sing you the song!
♫♪♥♥[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅][̲̅̅S] ♥ ♥
¸¸.•*¨*• ♫♪Happy Birthday to you♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday dear Misty May and Mau! !!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸
Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo and Cinnamon
Marvelous Marv recently posted…Thankful Thursday – Just so you know….My Profile


meowmeowmans September 17, 2022 at 8:15 pm

Happy birthday, Misty May! And also to Angel Mau in Heaven. We love you both very much. XO
meowmeowmans recently posted…(Almost) Wordless Georgie / 1500 PostsMy Profile


BellaDharma an BellaSita Mum September 17, 2022 at 8:08 pm

Happy happy 18th Birfday sweet Misty May an ‘angel’ Mauricio….
Wee two wish Mau was there with you aunty Janet an Kittiess Blue…..
Hee iss there inn spirit with all of yousss’.
Cooper Murphy that iss one stylin cake you made!! An THE Niptini’ss look deevine!!!
Let’ss pawtty deer Couzinss!
***paw kissess*** an ~~head rubss~~BellaDharma~~ an <3 an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum


Brian Frum September 17, 2022 at 6:50 pm

Happy Birthday sweet Misty May and to dear Angel Mau too. I hope your special day was really, really special!
Brian Frum recently posted…Saturday Special: Simon Enjoys Dad TimeMy Profile


Melissa & Mudpie September 17, 2022 at 6:36 pm

A wonderful pawty for two special kitties!


Stephanie B September 17, 2022 at 6:33 pm

Happy Birthday angel Mau and Misty May!!!🎊🎂🎉🐈


da tabbies o trout towne September 17, 2022 at 4:36 pm

a most happee 18 two ewe misty and mau, here and in heaven. hope yur day total lee rox, ewe get mice cream in dishez, heerz happee day best fishez and if ya see any spellin errorz itz coz we iz typin with de speed oh lite. N joy. lovez frum uz 🐟🦋❤️


Mary C McNeil September 17, 2022 at 4:16 pm

Happy Purrthday to Misty May and Mau ! We know they still have a connection !


Wendy September 17, 2022 at 2:46 pm

Happy 18th PURRthday Misty May and Angel Mau! You are both very unique looking tuxy cats and little wonder since you are brofur and sisfur. It’s nice that the two of you can still get together for this occasion.

Thanks for the lovely cake and pink champagne, too. Why I feels all bubbly inside now!


Cecilia Cofield Upchurch September 17, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Misty May and Mau Happy Happy Heavenly bday. You were two mighty handsome tuxies
Hugs Cecilia


Mollie Hunt September 17, 2022 at 1:36 pm

Happy Birthday, beautiful Misty May & Angel Mau in Heaven!


Sue Brandes September 17, 2022 at 1:31 pm

Happy, happy Birthday.
Sue and Jake


Ellen J Pilch September 17, 2022 at 1:01 pm

Happy Birthday Misty May! I am sorry your brother isn’t here to celebrate with you. My Joanie will be celebrating her 17th without her brother, Sammy at the end of the month. XO
Ellen J Pilch recently posted…Caturday SaturdayMy Profile


The Florida Furkids September 17, 2022 at 12:25 pm

We know Angel Allie is throwing a big party at the Bridge for Angel Mau. We hope Misty May has a fabulous day here too. They were such cute kittens!!!!

The Florida Furkids with love and whisker kisses to Sawyer from Noelle
The Florida Furkids recently posted…A Heavenly Birthday and Caturday Cat ArtMy Profile


Turtle Lover September 17, 2022 at 10:45 am

Happy birthday Misty May and Angel Mau !!


Eastside Cats Blog September 17, 2022 at 10:23 am

Happy Birthday, Misty May!
Happy Birthday in Heaven, Angel Maurecio!
And pink champagne…don’t mind if I do.
Eastside Cats Blog recently posted…Da Boyz in RainbowMy Profile


The Island Cats September 17, 2022 at 8:56 am

Happy Birthday to Misty May and Angel Mau! I miss Mau too. ~Ernie
The Island Cats recently posted…A Quadruple HangoverMy Profile


Sandee September 17, 2022 at 8:44 am

♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Misty May,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday Dear Angel Mau,♪♫
♪♫Happy Birthday to you.♪♫

Have a purrfect weekend. Scritches all around, a smooch to Cooper Murphy and Sawyer and a big hug to mom. ♥


ATCAD ~Scylla, Chimera, Yin, Yang, Fenris & Tuiren September 17, 2022 at 8:11 am

Happpy Heavenly Birthday, Angel Mau!
And Happy Birthday to YOU, Misty May!
18! Wow, that actually is amazing, Scylla who is the oldest here is only 15.


Wing Commander Basil & The B Team September 17, 2022 at 8:04 am

Epic pawty guys!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!

A VERY Happy Birthday to Misty May and Angel Mau!!!


Beth Higgins September 17, 2022 at 6:52 am

Wishing Misty May & Angel Mau a very happy birthday!!


Teddy September 17, 2022 at 5:00 am

I know that Angel Sammy is partying it up with Angel Mau at the Bridge…..but back here on earth, we will definitely be celebrating too with a “dual party” for Angel Mau and Misty May. We will forever and ever love them both. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to both of you!!

Love, Teddy and Mom Pam
Teddy recently posted…Bakin’ With Bacon and the KingMy Profile


Memories of Eric and Flynn September 17, 2022 at 3:49 am

Happy birthday in Heaven Angel Mau, and happy birthday with your family, Misty May.
Memories of Eric and Flynn recently posted…Friday Flashback and Caturday ArtMy Profile


Meezer'sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs September 17, 2022 at 3:34 am

Happpy Heavenly Birthdasy, ANgel Mau!
And Happy Birthday to YOU, Misty May!
18! Wow, that actually is amazing.

Have a great day, celebrating in your own quiet way, and we know you’ll get lots of extra scritches and treats.

If we win the ‘prize’. it will go to Froggy’s Pond, a shelter started and maintained by our vet, for kitties that are not generally considered adoptable, most are positive for Feline Leukemia, but he will adopt them out to the right families. I have met some of them and they are all precious! Some are even ‘office kitties’!
Meezer’sMews&TerrieristicalWoofs recently posted…Intruder/Guest SelfiesMy Profile


Loulou September 17, 2022 at 3:11 am

Oh, happy birthday to you (certainly) cousins in the Tuxie world, so beautiful both of you are and very loved, we see that.
Loulou recently posted…A Kitty of Artistic LettersMy Profile


Leah September 17, 2022 at 2:11 am

A very Happy Birthday to Misty May and Angel Mau! Lovely pictures of them!
Leah recently posted…Cattywampus, While Cats Look On; Season in Review . . .My Profile


Meows, purrs, hugs and MOLs are greatly appreciated. Please no hissing, spitting or scratching unless you want one of us to whap you!

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