Feline & Friendship Friday Birthday

Today we are having a big celebration to mark Sawyer’s firth birthday. Last year at this time, he was on his walkabout and unable to celebrate until he was home safe three weeks later.

I made this collage with Sawyer’s first photo from when he joined the family. It’s in the upper left corner. The others were selected as they represent Sawyer on the dates closest to his birthday as well as one of his first photos after he returned home last year. It’s in the lower left corner. The upper right is the last photo before he went missing.

Probably the happiest birthday Sawyer had was in 2019 when he caught a mouse!


Sawyer's 5th birthday: Collage of seven photos of grey tabby cat as well as birthday graphics.


When Sawyer first started having seizures, they were extremely bad and uncontrollable. We made several trips to the emergency vet in the middle of the night, and we almost lost him at least once. We honestly feared he would not live to see this birthday. Then, of course, when he took off last year, we never expected to see him again. That he was spotted and we got him home was a true miracle.

So today is special. Happy birthday little guy. You mean the world to us, Noelle and all your friends around the world.

Cooper Murphy, of course, made a cake. It looks almost exactly like baby Sawyer.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: grey tabby cat in a decorated box birthday cake.


We’ve also got lots of noms and drinks, so please help yourselves and stay as long as you like.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: collage of various foods

Sawyer's 5th birthday: collage of various drinks


There also are toys to play with and to take home.


Sawyer's 5th birthday: felt fish toys and crocheted mouse toys


Sawyer will be joining both the Feline Friday and Friendship Friday blog hops at Comedy Plus and Create With Joy respectively.

What’s Coming Up

Astrid was supposed to share photos of her anniversary gifts and Kizmet of her birthday gift today, but they will do that sometime next week. Sawyer has a gift waiting from Noelle, and he’ll share that next week as well. Friendly Fill-Ins will be included with our Caturday Art tomorrow. And, of course, we’ll have our usual Sunday Selfies post.

Thanks for joining us today and helping us celebrate.