Ninth Birthday Celebration




Yesterday was the actual birthday of Lisbeth and Astrid.

Astrid took full advantage of that and spent lots of time in my lap being scritched and petted the entire time. And she purred non-stop.

Lisbeth received a package from her sweet and thoughtful boyfriend Charles. She promises to share about that on our Thankful Thursday post.

The girls received this nice card from the gang at Tomcat Commentary by Tim: Timmy, Einstein, Rumpy, Toby and Miss Fitz.


Party Time

Cooper Murphy has taken over Mau’s Cat Scout Bake Shop, so he was responsible for making the cake for today. He’s still learning the craft, but I think he did a darn good job.



We have a variety of noms and drinks, so please help yourselves.










Birthday Wish

I asked Lisbeth and Astrid if there was anything special they would like for their birthday. They told me they have two wishes. The first is for all our friends, followers and supporters to continue to purr, pray and send POTP to their little brother Sawyer. For their second wish, they would like you to visit the Friends Furever blog today and check in on “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky.”

Thank you for celebrating with us.