Sunday Selfies: Week #392

Today is our dad’s birthday. We have promised not to tell his age, so we’ll just say that he’s been on this earth for three-quarters of a century. As we are cats and cannot count, we have no idea how long that actually is.

We wanted to do something extra special to celebrate, so we gathered together (minus one of us) to sing a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday.


happy birthday selfie


Did you say that you are unable to hear is? Okay…we’ll try to sing louder!

As you can see a certain tortie is missing from the choir. She can decide to assert her tortitude at the most inopportune times. She said she didn’t want to be part of the group but would be doing something special on her own. What a diva! We guess we better see what she has done.


happy birthday selfie


Well, that is pretty nice, but we still think she shouldn’t be so capricious.

Our dad really is one of the very best cat dads. He feeds us, gives out treaties and is the World’s Best Poop and Pee Scooper. Mom also does the first two, but the last is all Dad. And we all know how important that job is.

All of us, including Mom and Astrid, hope you will leave a comment and wish our dad a happy birthday!

Hopping Time

Now it is your turn to join in the fun by adding your selfie to the blog hop. Even if we are occupied showing our dad how much we love him, we still want to see your adorableness represented here. And don’t forget, you can join up anytime through Thursday.

Please don’t be shy about asking your friends to join in the fun. A party is always better with lots of participants.

Thanks for your continued friendship and support.

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Kizmet and Diva Extraordinaire Astrid

All photos by the author, Janet Blue or Tom Blue and used with permission. First graphic created using piZap and the second using Canva.