Wordy Wednesday

These two very special, young lady kitties are celebrating their fourth birthdays today. We think they are both superstars! And with Noelle being Sawyer’s girlfriend and Periwinkle being Stinky’s girlfriend, we couldn’t miss having a small celebration here.

Sawyer & Stinky made them a card to share here.


Noelle & Periwinkle

They also got the girls some bouquets.


We know a big party is taking place at Friends Furever, to which the boys have contributed. Because of that, we are keeping these low key here, so you can spend your time partying over at their blog. To go there, click on the heart card.

Cooper Murphy helped Sawyer and Stinky make some cookies for you to enjoy while you’re here and to take with you.



All the Kitties Blue will be joining you at Noelle and Periwinkle’s for the party.

And we are joining the Wordless Wednesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. You can do that as well, my clicking on the badge below.